Spend and Replace

You’ll never have to worry about price fluctuation with Spend and Replaced turned on! Check out this step-by-step How To Enable Spend and Replace.

Order Anything Anywhere 

CashPay is a Bitcoin Cash exclusive wallet that enables you to buy anything at any online retailer and pay with Bitcoin Cash powered by the Cryptonize.it Order Anything service.

The Helping Bit

We support charities worldwide by giving them a platform to promote their cause. In just a few taps you can donate to a community charity with CashPay!

Intuitive transaction overview 

To ensure there is no confusion if a transaction has been sent or received, CashPay shows transactions in a unique way.

  0 confirmation

Transactions that are unconfirmed, show up with this orange logo.

  Sent transaction

Transactions that are sent and confirmed, show up with this red logo.

  Received transaction

Transactions that are received and confirmed, show up with this green logo.