The Bitcoin SV project has focused on rigorous Quality Assurance for mining node software.

This is achieved by implementing a rigid set of test phases with full traceability throughout the test pipeline, to assure users that changes pass through a formal and rigorous validation process before they are accepted. In this respect, Bitcoin SV aspires to levels of Quality Assurance exemplified by mission critical industries such as aerospace, medicine and national security.

First, the team will use best practice change management processes and engage external QA expertise from other security-sensitive industries to monitor and audit its QA processes.

Second, the project will engage the services of an industry-leading blockchain security audit firm.

Third, the project will offer a lucrative bug bounty program matching the likes of Google and Microsoft to motivate and mobilize security researchers around the world to find and responsibly report security vulnerabilities.


Instant transactions are key to unlocking the brick and mortar merchant market for Bitcoin SV payments. Security improvements can be made to better secure instant transactions for the future, and the Bitcoin SV roadmap treats safe instant transactions as a key priority.


Businesses, especially the biggest enterprises, require stability before they will operate on a technology platform. Repeated, unnecessary, and unproven changes to the Bitcoin protocol can be detrimental to the economic incentive structure and security of the blockchain. They can also cause significant uncertainties for large scale businesses that need to plan years in advance and commit significant resources before deciding to build applications and projects on Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin SV vision is to provide assured stability with only a limited and well known set of changes planned to restore the Bitcoin protocol to its original design, and enable innovation to occur on top of a stable base protocol.


In order for Bitcoin SV to truly act as a global money platform, it is necessary to demonstrate that the platform is ready to process transaction volume at the required scale. The Bitcoin SV roadmap is primarily focussed on delivering capacity increases, through bigger default or miner configurable block sizes and performance improvements. Out of the nine test environments in use by the project, the SV Gigablock Testnet (SV-GBTN) is specifically dedicated to identifying bottlenecks and performance measurement of proposed changes. The SV-GBTN is running on a continuous cycle of performance tests and the results of those are for public consumption so that miners and other industry participants will be able to make informed scaling decisions.