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About us

CashPay Solutions started out when the Order Anything service was built, right after the Bitcoin scaling debate came to an end with a split as the climax. There is no better way to show support for the branch of Bitcoin that stayed true to the spirit of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper then to build on it.

Enabling end-users to buy anything, anywhere online and pay with Bitcoin (SV) proved itself useful and was expanded to the first Bitcoin (SV) exclusive online retailer which offers merchants a way of selling their products to the Bitcoin community without having to know anything about Bitcoin, payment processing, or do anything other then they already do. Currently, the webshop is being used to develop a reliable and hassle-free online payment processor for other shops.

One of the hurdles towards adoption of Bitcoin as cash is volatility of the currency. To solve this, we decided to build a Bitcoin (SV) exclusive wallet that enables users to automatically Spend & Replace, replacing the amount of Bitcoin (Cash) you spend instantly. This feature has a threshold system and is being expanded with additional functionality.

Being a merchant and having a wallet gives CashPay Solutions a unique position to further expand. Our next goal was to enable tokenization on Bitcoin (SV) and utilize that for an incentive program for our online retailer. We recently released the revival of Colored Coins, a token solution enabling anyone to make a token with ease.

Our goal is to use the Bitcoin (SV) ledger as much as possible to solve problems that were unsolvable or inefficiently solved in the past. We make use of best-practices of the past 10 years and build upon reliable and stable concepts.